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We are making sure English and maths are done everyday and some reading that will have to be enough Parents are not teachers for a start amd we have beem dealing with keeping our kids mentally ok and tbh myself.. I dont know how my daughter does maths anymore i know one method which is confusing to her as they dont teach it anymore. The amount i have googled amd then tried to explaon still not understanding fully myself is crazy.When you have to just copy words from the board to a book doesn’t make it sink in, especially when you never look back in your book ever again.

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Subjects need to be more relevant to the age group, and anything not relevant to independence needs to be a choice. I can honestly say I haven’t done a great deal at all with my daughter! I have been reading with her and done a few pages of sums… she is 6 years old, I always have 3 year old twin boys and I am a staff nurse working extra shifts I’m not superwoman xTeaching and working is a nightmare. Plus you are expecting children to have access to devices but devices are limited with other siblings needing to share and parents have to prioritise their work while working from home.