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When the US Republican Party dies, these words will be in its obituary: “Nevertheless, she persisted.”
Even if one agrees with some traditionally-Republican concepts like smaller government (to pick one), you have to be appalled at Senate Blocker-in-Chief, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s, “shushing” of Senator Elizabeth Warren. Her “sin”? Other than “Talking while female”? – violating the so-called “norms of the Senate” by supposedly implying “conduct unbecoming a Senator” against fellow Senator, Jeff Sessions, in the debate over his nomination as Attorney General. She was quoting Civil Rights hero Coretta Scott King, in Mrs. King’s letter about Sessions, but that was enough for old-fart evil-creep McConnell to shut down one of the most popular Democratic Senators in the chamber. Not only then – he banned her from speaking at all during any of the remaining debate on the Sessions nomination.

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