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Perhaps in time he’ll tell Professor Ford that he does not remember the night she described, but it is possible he was drunk enough to have done what she described, and say he is sorry. For a man that Ew people shirt is a good guy and keeps his cool his wife didn’t even flinch at his behavior. If this guy doesnt compose himself in a calm collective manner how does he plan on acting as a supreme court justice.
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Also, to quote the Ew people shirt talking point, go to nursing school and get a better job. NO ONE should work a full time job and still not have money to live a comfortable life you included. Like seriously dont complain because they want 15 an hr and you seem to think your jobs harder etc.

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You work in a hospital, great proud of you, a lot of people wouldn’t do that,Alexis, you deserve more. Tyler Bajula or find another job Girl get you another job or go to another hospital, you can’t fault us for what you settle for. We get $9 I just got my Ew people shirt so I’m about to get a raise but a burger flipper makes more than someone helping keep children safe and teach them daily.

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