Yoga Skeleton namaste dead till 2021 shirt

I got a call from her the next day telling me that she needed to see me, so I went over a saw her. When I got there she told me that she wanted me to be her slave. I was do do whatever she wanted and to come when she called, or as soon as my work day ended. I looked at her like she had two heads and told her I didn’t go that way.

That was when she told me who she was and who her boyfriend was! It turns out that she was the girlfriend of a “made man”, a member of the mafia and if I didn’t agree to what she told me to do that she would tell her boyfriend that I had gotten her drunk and slept with her. Well not wanting to be fitted with cement shoes, I complied with her. She wasn’t lying about her boyfriend, I had seen the pictures in her apartment and I knew who he was.

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