Yes I am old but I saw NKOTB on stage shirt

You never know when there might be an emergency! I was sleeping over at a friend’s house one weekend when there was a small fire. Both of us were just in our underwear and barefoot in his bedroom when it broke out. His parents came in and told us to get up and leave thru his bedroom window. He ended up falling hurting his ankle and then snagging his underwear in the shrubs and it tore in two. We stood across the street literally naked as the fire was put out. A neighbor gave him a towel to wrap around his waist.

Yes I am old but I saw NKOTB on stage shirt

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Woo-hoo happy last day of school shirt

Wish you here we’re just two lost souls shirt

Why can’t old people dream too shirt

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The day I stop loving Shania Twain will be the day I stop breathing shirt

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They were advertising a Wednesday night “Steak night” special. We told the staff quite clearly that we only had a small window of time for our meal, due to babysitters (EDIT: That “small” window was still about an hour and a half, so not unreasonable). The restaurant was noticeably busy – after all, reasonably-priced steak meals. (EDIT: All up, the venue had maybe 10 tables in total, so it wasn’t huge.)

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