Yes I am old but I saw NKOTB on stage shirt

I had a gym teacher in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. As was always customary she made us girls take a shower after each activity. While all the girls were running into the shower area she would stand there and stare at us and slap our bottoms. However, she never came near me, thank God! I would have told my mother and she would have raised an eyebrow at the Principal of the school, who was a huge fan of hers.Also, if you didn’t get your entire head wet or just a little bit, she would grab your arm and literally drag you into the shower and force your head under the shower sprayer. Most girls laughed but I found that to be abusive! She never dragged me in just questioned why and I replied that I didn’t feel like going to my next class looking out-of-style. She bought it and left me alone. Thank God again!

Yes I am old but I saw NKOTB on stage shirt

Girl I have three sides the quiet side the fun and crazy side shirt

I don’t need therapy I just need to listen to Andrea Bocelli shirt

Rogue NASA shirt

The day I stop loving Shania Twain will be the day I stop breathing shirt

Addams Family Friends TV show shirt

Smile if you would do me shirt

I wear red for my dad stroke awareness shirt

You can’t put a crown on a clown and expect a king Biden is not my president shirt

Walker Cup 2021 Native America shirt

Snake danger noodle shirt

Skull some dads like drinking with friends great dads baseball vintage shirt

Not a republican just vaccinated shirt

Not a mourning person urn your rest at the hauted mansion shirt

I survived the devastator shirt

Charlie Mackesy Kind said the boy shirt

2021 the Cicadas brood shirt

This teacher deserves a Sum Mer break of just a break shirt

This is my asshole antenna you’re coming in loud and clear shirt

Sophie Anderson fuck it’s a sunday shirt

I had taken a 15 year old girl home from choir practice (only a few blocks but I didn’t want her walking home in the dark). We often sat in her driveway after choir and she talked about different things for a bit.One night she told me that her girlfriend fixed her up with a ‘real nice guy’ who raped her. She was afraid to tell her parents and she asked me what she should do. I told her to get out of the car and come to the house with me. We sat her mom and dad down and I told them what she had told me.

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