Weed It’s in my dna shirt

Without going into the prelude, except to say that he was Weed It’s in my dna shirt NICE in the beginning. I liked him because he gave the appearance of being kind. As time proved, very FAR from that. He changed radically and turned into a drug addict. And, get this, he was in his early 60’s! That was just the beginning. He abused, stole from, and terrorized me for a long time. The knock on the door happened when we were not seeing each other, most likely from me having a chance to breathe and see what he was during a separation time. It was a Thursday night and I had work Friday morning. About 11pmish, I hear a LOUD RAP AT my front door, hearing the phrase FIRE DEPARTMENT being hollered. My house is a fire trap and I immediately open the door, only to find my abuser present. And he was holding a Billy Club. Maybe that is not the proper description, but what I consider a Billy Club is a huge heavy-duty steel Mag-Lite which is capable of knocking a person unconscious if hit with one. He tried to push himself into my home. Things escalated when I did not let him into my home, which is where he wanted to be. The altercation continued on my porch and ended when I shoved him away from me, being threatened with the damn Billy Club. The abuser lay in my front yard hollering for help, screaming I had abused HIM! I left him laying there and immediately called 911. The abuser was hauled off in an ambulance. The only way to gain trust back is to earn it through actions, over time. There is no set time limit, however, on how long it can take. Usually, the worse the breach of trust, the longer it takes. Start with a sincere apology for whatever it is to both of them. Continue with trying to make restitution for whatever happened (example: paying back money stolen, replacing destroyed property, etc.). Complete honesty throughout the process is vital. Good luck.

Weed It's in my dna shirt

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