Trump make America metal again shirt

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Who buys these stupid mash-up t-shirts that make up half of my Facebook feed? It’s always a famous person in corpse paint with a “clever” slogan (today’s ad was Trump: Make America Metal Again). Or it’s Darth Vader on the Iron Throne, or the Death Star with dragons flying around it or something. I don’t know whether to despair for humanity or be impressed at how accurately their algorithms have identified my interests and made shirts involving them. Am I suppose to think Trump make America metal again shirt is “cool” because he’s flipping the goat and wearing a denim vest? Yeah, this is a terrible poster.

Trump make America metal again shirt, hoodie and sweater

Trump make America metal again hoodie
Trump make America metal again sweat shirt
sweat shirt
Trump make America metal again tank top
tank top
Trump make America metal again v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Come and see the “Flag Guy” at Neely’s Korner on Hwy 68 in Golden Valley and Show your support for Trump make America metal again shirt and help make America Great Again! I have Trump for President flags, Hilary for Prison flags, Blue Lives Matter flags, as well as Tump Hats, shirts and metal signs! I still have Rebel flags in stock also! Donald Trump is going to make headlines every day. Most recently for imposing a 90 day stay on immigration from seven Muslim countries. At Failure Avenue we have chosen to leave discussion of legal fiascos of that sort to every other media outlet that is eager to attack the Trump administration so that we can more fully attack the Trump administration for legal fiascos that no one else cares about (although we reserve the right to defend him whenever we feel like it.

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