Trump Bulldin’ walls and drinkin’ claws shirt 

I discovered this. I am very sad with them and I also think that I do not want them to do it again. So I told them they couldn’t have vandals and I would throw them away – or give them away, I forgot. I think I let them see me putting them in the bin.

They are good children and they are really sorry they like toys but they have other things to play and they soon forget.

A few months later, something appeared and I wanted to spoil them so I took out light swords and told them I had bought new ones. They are delighted – and they have played with them for many years. In fact, the oldest son still has 20 years later.

One day when they were grown up and we were together, we talked about it. My eldest son said they knew – they checked the barrel later and found I had removed the toys and when I gave them the swords they knew they were original – because they could see the ones. The box is torn.

Golden Retriever I believe in Santa Paws Christmas shirt