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This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama implored. Obama assured the departing Russian President he will have the “flexibility” required to deal with missile defense issues after the 2012 presidential election. I’d like to see Cathedral re-built. If the church wishes to do so with donations it attracts then all good. People have given to churches for centuries to buy favor with their God, which is OK for them, I suppose. Perhaps even beatification?PS Is wood really a good idea? Why not spend that money on the Top trending shirt from shsirtcoll 2019/04 repairs? What’s the point of a temporary structure, there are other churches & I think worshippers pretty much understand that. Tourists? Why would they be interested in a temporary building? the French government knew it needed renovating, so to avoid having to foot the bill themselves, the French government set it on fire knowing full well that they would then be inundated with donations to repair it.

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