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The US’s disgraceful means to deal with Huawei is that the United States does not allow it to be surpassed. It is not a back door issue for Huawei equipment. It is a wise choice for the UK to finally decide to use Huawei equipment products. Forget about the company but look at 5g. Why is there so much negative reports about 5g worldwide? Surely ethics of the system and the potential health problems to wildlife and humans should be the issue here Huawei is the smartphone market leader ,and the second growing company in the world add to that its competitive sale prices compared to other western companies this is simply a ploy to give US companies a chance to catch up to Huawei’s 5G tech. US kit is always better because it’s got “CIA/NSA Inside” The USA is livid with jealousy, get over it. Sanctions are used by America as a form of economic warfare on anyone they don’t like. If people want to deal with Iran then let them, unlike the U.S. they haven’t gone around the planet attacking and destroying countries. Found any WMDs in Iraq yet? At some point countries are going to start imposing sanctions on America, they would soon complain then.

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