Top trending shirt from scop 2020/10/24

their time.A friend who is a paramedic caught covid-19 from a patient wants to find a new career. Nurses I know are exhausted. Let’s all do whatever we can to help slow the spread, wear a mask, physical distancing, hand washing, we CAN do it for ALL of them.So many brainwashed people! If you have not followed politics from all news sources daily, you can not make a rational decision on our elected officials. You have to use all tools available to research. Unbelievable! wonder how many of those have worked this whole “pandemic” around the public as an essential worker who was shown no appreciation by the government when they upped the unemployment $600/week to sit at home.Imagine living in a city combatting COVID-19 and facing the destruction from two hurricanes? You want to talk about mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted? The residents from Lake Charles, LA would I thought people were stressed because they don’t have a job due to Covid-19. They can’t pay rent or buy food. They should be greatful they have a job. Wait…. If we are taking from the haves and g

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