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countries are experiencing it, it is not political, it is a pandemic. Listen to science, control the virus first, the economy will naturally follow. Use mask This whole virus has been blown way out of proportion. The media has instilled nothing but fear in people. They basically tell you that if you leave your home you are going to die. They tell you that if you don’t wear a mask or socially distance you will die. The panic that the media has put out there have caused businesses to shut down and make people worry about how they are going to pay their bills. The response to this pandemic has been much worse than the virus itself. So many people are terrified of leaving their home and catching the virus all thanks to the media’s fear mongering.All those laughing at this are truly heartless, this show they don’t truly have respect for those in uniform nor their families, once again the right is showing their hypocrisy, prayers to this woman and her family.What a brave women. God bless her family. Her husband sacrificed his life everyday to keep his community and family safe and the president thinks the Covid Virus is a joke. Life is not a joke. So many people have lost their lives from this virusMy sincere condolences to you and your family on the loss of your beloved husband and father.May the happy memories you shared bring you comfort at this very sad time.I did not know him but hearing about him know he was a wonderful man and he will be greatly missed.My deepest condolences to the Roberts family and all t

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