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I had dyslexia in grade school in the Camping bring a compass it’s awkward when you have to eat your friends shirt no one knew. What it was then so you were considered dumb. I struggled through school and no one knew how hard I was trying nor cared. I’ve always felt that way but finally got to the Top trending shirt form shirtcoll 2019/15 point that I didn’t care what others cared. I was talented in many other ways. I was so glad to get out of high school and wouldn’t go another day in my life. There’s a lot of other things in life more important than a grade on a paper! Although I don’t agree that every teacher or educator is like this, there are some sadly that can do this. I remember I was always a very good student and loved math but once algebra hit me I had such difficulty with it. I turned in partially done work and asked for help. We lived with my grandparents at the time. My mother sister and me. The male teacher was a parking lot attendant in the mornings and asked me to meet him there for help.

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