Top trending shirt from 2020quaran 2020/10/29

people. I’ve lost people to this virus. Imagine mothers and fathers seeing and hearing about the rise in cases meanwhile they’re at work…only thing on their mind is them contracting it and bringing it home to their loved ones.I work in a hospital that doesn’t back up their word. They send out emails constantly reminding the workers to wear a mask at all times but yet they don’t. Managers and supervisors don’t say anything because they’re doing it too. Just todaypast four yrs! We definitely need to flip the Senate Blue!Definitely not hypocrisy. The least popular “president” in USA history gets to put in 33% of the SC justices. Democracy at its best.Don’t make this idiot out to be some kind of hero. He’s voted along party lines every time despite what he says. He can to straight to hell with the rest of them for all I

Top trending shirt from posedion

Top trending shirt from 2020quaran

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