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Her story is so uninteresting in this day and age. While in DC, she made every effort to be with and seduce former President Bill Clinton and other men in the District. She needs to be employed in an occupation that keeps her from the public. Her story is much too boring! Sure, make a film about how you knowingly had an affair with a married man, and how you disgustingly saved a soiled dress without washing it. Clinton may be a disgraceful philanderer, but you were no better, so don’t pull the innocent victim Why do we need a film about this sordid little episode. We were sick to the back teeth of its coverage back 20 years ago, many times in between as it was resurrected, and really don’t need to be reminded of it all again! Clinton’s daughter has children of her own now – I am sure they don’t need to know about grandpa’s indiscretions.