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Does anyone want to be born Vlone red V shirt, but we do not have the right to choose, bad is not a crime but it will be an obstacle in life when this society mostly still uses eyes to hit others, can you see others with your heart? A lot of times I also feel unjustly, why even at first glance I have lost many people, so a whole process ahead will be very tiring, will have to try harder than others. There are deep alley hun smoking, zigzagging. The strangers found themselves trapped in the flare, and did not know what blood vessels they had in the city map. She memorized, went and told her husband to steal money from his family to take care of his mistress, but the car kept turning left and right, turning right, through the curves of his gut. The light of some big road burst into my eyes, but only for a moment, she brought me into a narrow, dark and tight path.