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While I studied to be a teacher, and have a great I’m not just any lacrosse mom I am the goalie’s mom shirt who are fantastic teachers. And certainly, have been mentored by some exceptional ones. I can also honestly say that both my son and I have been traumatized by some horrible teachers at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary level. Few people other than parents or coaches have the same power to potentially. Cause the Top treding shirt from shirtcoll 2019/17 kind of psychological damage some teachers do. How about instead of worrying about how teachers might be portrayed. I’m sure the teachers on this thread can handle a little constructive criticism. So they are, after all, the adults. But we focus on the message to handle children’s developing hearts and minds with the care and respect they deserve? Just a thought. And I am fortunate enough to be in a school that represents and implements these ideas to a great level and all the teachers.

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