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To top it all, you are a pathetic and shameless tiny coward. You do not have the guts to stand by what you say. Cretin. Genon Bradford You’re definitely showing signs of psychopathy.  It’s a mental disorders for which there is no cure. You lack empathy. One of the best human traits we possess. Sad. How sad; I understand that people want their proposals to be memorable, but what is most important is that they be from the heart.Greg think that the happiest day turned into saddest. I wouldn’t go beneath the water for all the Top shirts on Hamstertee wordpress on 2020/3/22  a moral code. I refuse to rejoice about things such as death (the man) and suffering (his would-be wife and all the other people he knew and loved). If you belie passed out trying to swim up which resulted in his death Hi! Whoever is reading this, I


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