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Obama for giving 150 billion in cash to Arian in the dead of night. Your right, where are all those checks and balances Randy Brooks so…tell me.  What makes an Email server different from a standard computer.  How would you identify if you had one in your home?  If you were a high powered, busy government official, would you set one up yourself or rely on other people to do it for you? Randy Brooks You need to get your facts straight and also must lear now the Top shirts on Hamstertee wordpress on 2020/2/12 libtards are screaming racism and impeachment… again. Are you seeing a pattern here? Lolv The Democrats are insane.  but he’s really not! Remember I told you! Janet Schroeder Profit yeah why wasn’t Hillary arrested for having a government server in her home, or zone Biden’s son for exstoring money from Ukraine, or

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