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Mark Murray so you’re concerned with t ory and facts when it.comes t nd his propaganda network as told the entire story. Including Bide s involvement Mark Murray…Did you read that whole article about Biden bragging? Or just what suits you. “At least one former official in the prosecutor’s office said the investigation into Burisma had already been shelved by the time Joe Biden was threatening to withhold financial aid unless Ukraine replaced its top prose true at a ere are Fox hosts such as Hannity and Carlson and Ingraham that are pro Trump 2 here are the Top shirts on Hamstertee strikingly on 2020/2/15 rs at Fox News who call Trump out often. Shep Smith, Juan Williams, Bret Baier, Neil Cavuto, Martha MacCallum to name a few. How many hosts on ever say one positive thing about Trum ou might want to tune into Fox to be better informed.