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Man he was so good, but I doubt any team signs him now, those texts crossed the line, after he was already in trouble he goes and does that? Hones ter tex e should have know they would take them to the police or their Attorney..Nicole Tracewsey a picture of her kids among other things, which even for the Patriots low standards on human morals with theTop shirts on Hamstertee .mystrikingly on 2020/2/29 ir high standards on actual playing ability, that far outweighs any good he could do for the team, and Bill knew he was risking losing his locker room for this fool. And by fool I mean FOOL, he went from a 50 million guaranteed contract, to getting one game check for 158 grand, then he sends those texts when the Patriots would have stuck by him until any concrete evidence came out…ki e league get involved. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. As far as