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Sadly, he can get away with everyth e’s corruption at its best and yet there he sits in the most prestigious office in the world. It e is above the law. Bradley Wagner not sure of your point, but the tax cut resulted in an add on to the deficit of 2 trillion. This has to be paid , so the really paltry cut to working class is meaningless. The rich did ok though It’s funny to listen to Trumptards whine about taxpayer money being used for investigations. That’s what can happen when you vote for a . Terr start letting people off when they commit a crime ? Tom Stine noooo. 2.trillion increase in deficit. Meaning we spend way more than we y. Marco Perez just as I figured, anothe Top shirts on Hamstertee mystrikingly on 2020/2/25r uneducated liberal embarrassing themselves in front of all of social media, doesn’t even realize it. His own lawyers have said he would perjure himself under oa ease make this happen. I’d love to see him questioned about anything under oath.