Top shirts on Hamstertee mystrikingly on 2020/2/13

Trump is not going to testify because he thinks he’s above the law. Even though he told his circus clowns to punch people in the face and he will bail them out He or his organizations have been involved in over 3,500 lawsuits. That is the very definition of corruption and immortality. Disgusting waste of oxygen!! Well, if the judiciary can order the executive then the executive can order the judiciary. Honestly, he should simply laugh and order the judge to go jump in a lake. You have got to be kidding! ompleted the Top shirts on Hamstertee mystrikingly on 2020/2/13 ed. I protest everything he does & says. Send my check please. Lynn Archer there is at least one video of him saying ” beat the crap out of him, ill pay the legal expenses “. So we know he’s all for it. This crap is so obvious you can smell it in every state, city, county, et ou obvi up people. The hatred for this man and the quest to destroy him