Top shirts on Hamstertee blogspot on 2020/3/23

You know who is reading and commenting? People who want attention and to pretend like this effects them or makes them sad.  Of course I can joke about it in here.   Nothing and no one on this is actually effected by the Top shirts on Hamstertee blogspot on 2020/3/23 rtbreak of losing someone you love. Tragedy or not.. the news is making money off this tragedy so a little dry humor isnt going to kill anyone.. lighten up. Besides.. how dumb can you be? Dive down deep with no oxygen…Ben Coleman many people deal with uncomfortable information by using humor.  At my father’s funeral, someone made a joke when a bouquet fell over during thecm 21-gun salute.  I didn’t scold them. Notice how it’s all women screaming about “lack of empathy”. See, the old addage about them


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