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Your right, where are all those checks and balances Randy Brooks so…tell me.  What makes an Email server different from a standard computer.  How would you identify if you had one in your home?  If you were a high powered, busy government official, would you set one up yourself or rely on othe Top shirts on Hamstertee blogspot on 2020/2/13  Republican your not very educated mployment record is less than President Obama’s. As for stock market, it also was started by Obama and has been on an upward trend for 10 years & tRUMP has been in office 3 years. As for no new wars, what war did President Obama start, those going during his tenure were all started by republicans!! Also, you might check out the national debt & deficit P, they are skyrocketing!If he wins,he wins. But I would start impeachme billions pouring back into the treasury

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