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Last month, the Top shirts on hobbiesshirt .moteefe on 2020/09/24  but I will buy this shirt and I will love this governor stated that parents would have a choice about whether to send their children back to school or not: Although this news may bring relief for working parents—many of whom would have been rendered unable to work while supervising distance learning—it’s sure to compound the fears of many New York teachers that they’ll either have to make themselves vulnerable to COVID-19 or risk losing their livelihood. Cuomo said that the daily infection rate must remain below 3% using a 14-day average in order for schools to stay open, with all regional schools closing if the infection level rises to 9% or greater before the day school opens. Cuomo added that individual schools would provide information about COVID-19 testing procedures for students and staff on their website. Open classrooms will require face masks when social distancing is not possible, regular cleaning and COVID-19 screenings.

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