Top shirt on Veigartee on 201/05/16

Of course, not everyone is as easily wiped out as I am, and if you possess the Top shirt on Veigartee on 201/05/16 required to hang out all day and well into the night, I salute you; for those of us nearing 30 and exhaustedly trying to adjust to the demands of an active calendar, though, the two-hour cap feels like a way of spending a good chunk of quality time together while avoiding burnout. Personally, I always want to make my excuses around hour two of my gatherings, but it’s social convention that keeps me there, getting progressively crankier by the minute. What if we removed that sense of obligation and released each other and ourselves, convening once again for another two-hour hang when we actually wanted to? Some hallmarks of pre-COVID life, like brunch, are simply begging to be jettisoned, and IMO, an overly long hangout—even with your absolute best friends—is one of them.

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