Top shirt from posedion 2020/10/15

serious financial impactWolf, not sugar coating this I cannot STAND CNN ( non stop lies to our nation ) but please understand HOW PROUD OF YOU I AM for pressing Pelosi today regarding the Stimulus!! SO many Americans NEED this money!! this is TWICE the amount of the Obama package!! she is single handedly killing Americans!! She is a narcissistic communist!!! from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SIR, It really means a lot to us Americans!!Why I broke up with Nancy Pelosi I have defended, argued on your behalf for many years, but today i I’ve discovered that you are just corrupt as any other politician in the history of this country. Trump won because you and others in the democratic party . You people are out of touch and thoughtless. While Americans are struggling to put food on the table, you are busy playing

Top shirt from posedion

Top shirt from 2020quaran

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