Top shirt from nobole 2020/10/15

cking us for what we believe. Keep praying ppl not just for our own or our citizens, but for the 5000 Laker fans just rallied outside with no masks and you don’t hear a word. But trump is a super spreader. This is why people don’t take you seriously! You promote the downplaying of the virus as much as trump doesNah its obviously a strategy get everyone of his supporters sick to hopefully spread the virus to everyone even though only his supporters aren’t doing basic safety measuresOut of touch, elitist sociopath. Nancy is fried and needs to go. If there’s no deal done before the election, I won’t be voting. What’s the point? Congress showing they don’t care about struggling Americans.WHO no longer supports lockdowns anymore. So now what? Would Democrats change the policies? My state (CA) is not in a good shape. Many cities are facing

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