Top shirt from moteefe 2021/01/13

To add insult to injury only Apple-branded cables will work with your iPhone or else you get a pop-up stating this accessory is not designed for this device even though it is charging and working. Samsung is a lot better than Apple. After so many years with Apple after I bought my first tablet with Samsung only then, I realized what a waste of money I did with It makes me ashamed to be gay. He was a European Citizen and presumably thought that was an indefinite arrangement. If you snails long enough you kill off macrophages and form scar tissue. Working in thoracic surgery I see this time and again? The bride price issue encourages laziness.

Women's T-shirt front

Black Cat That’s What I Do I Read Books I Sew And I Know Things Shirt

February Birthday 2021 The Year When Got Real Quarantined Shirt

I’m A February Girl I’m Not A One In A Million Kind Of Girl I Am A Once In A Lifetime Kind Of Woman Shirt

This Frontline Warrior Is Vaccinated Shirt

New Year Same Because Let’s Face It I’m Already Awesome Shirt

Some Have A Story We Made History #nurselife 2020 Shirt

That’s What I Do I Play Bagpipes And I Know Things Shirt

Daddy And Daughter Not Always Eye To Eye But Always Heart To Heart Shirt

Dogs And Cricket Make Me Happy Humans Make My Head Hurt Shirt

Du Horst Nicht Auf Zu Reiten Wenn Du Alt Wirst Du Wirst Alt Wenn Du Aufhorst Zu Reiten Shirt

February Girl 2021 The One Where I Celebrate My Birthday In Quarantine Shirt

February Girl Hated By Many Loved By Plenty Heart On Her Sleeve Fire In Her Soul A Mouth She Can’t Control Shirt

I Am Your Friend Your Partner Your Shepherd You Are My Life Shirt

Nope Still Not Having Kids My Dog Is Allergic Shirt

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