Top shirt from moteefe 2021/01/12

Now his life’s in tatters because of this nonsense. Thank god that the missus has been given settled status. The worry that clouded everything since this all started in 2016 has now gone. I know someone who has lived in France for 30 years, speaks the language fluently and was denied citizenship for exactly the same reason. Still pays all his taxes and social security fees though. Everyone has to die of something. Always being told to enjoy myself while alive. If you enjoy smoking, do it. Carry on. This is bs. Apple for years and their products are not meant to last intentionally. Apple out. The thing is that fit and aesthetically pleasing men will always largely be what the majority of the community will want.

Women's T-shirt front

Behind Every Son Who Believes In Himself Is A Mom Who Believed In Him First Shirt

Defund The Media Shirt

Dogue De Bordeaux Happiness Is An Old Man With A Beer And A Dog Sitting Near Shirt

I Like Tattoos And Pug And Maybe 3 People Shirt

I Never Dreamed I’d Grow Up To Be A Super Sexy Pontoon Captain But Here I Am Killing It Vintage Shirt

I’m A Nurse And A Police Wife Just Like A Regular Nurse But With A Backup Shirt

I’m Not Arguing I’m Just Explaining Why I’m Right Shirt

My Teacher Was Wrong I Do Get Paid To Stare Out The Window All Day Shirt

Pig And Dog You Can’t Love One But Eat The Other And Call Yourself An Animal Lover Shirt

Some Grandpas Take Naps Real Grandpas Play Golf Then Take A Nap Shirt

Teachers Make All Other Professions Possible Shirt

That’s What I Do I Ride Tractors I Play With Cows And I Know Things Shirt

The Nightmare Begins Season 1 2009 2016 Season 2 2021 2024 Shirt

Weightlifting Don’t Fart Don’t Fart Don’t Fart Vintage Shirt

Black Cat I Sew So I Don’t Choke People Save A Life Send Fabric Shirt

Black Cat Touch My Coffee And I Will Drink It From Your Skull Shirt

Dogs And Hockey Make Me Happy Humans Make My Head Hurt Shirt

February Girl Before You Judge Me Please Understand That Idgaf What You Think Shirt

Goats Hey Girl Hay Shirt

Good Taste In Cats Bad Taste In Men #catmomlife Shirt

Hedgehogs Make Me Happy Humans Make My Head Hurt Shirt

I Like Dogs And Karate And Maybe 3 People Shirt

I Like Dogs And Superbike Racing And Maybe 3 People Shirt

Je Veux Juste Boire De La Biere Jouer A La Petanque Et Faire Des Siestes Shirt

Sorry I Am Already Taken By A Freaking Awesome Girl She’s A Bit Crazy And Scares Me Sometimes Shirt

Tennis Assuming I’m Just An Old Man Was Your First Mistake Shirt

The Little Voices In My Head Keep Telling Me Get More Shoes Vintage Shirt

Your Inability To Grasp Science Is Not A Valid Argument Against It Vintage Shirt

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