Top shirt from moteefe 2021/01/11

He was a European Citizen and presumably thought that was an indefinite arrangement. If you snails long enough you kill off macrophages and form scar tissue. Working in thoracic surgery I see this time and again. ? The bride price issue encourages lazy Even though he suffered for months when he was ousted but he is definitely fine and I know some good people took care of him while living outdoors. Hopefully, the situation improves soon. Respect to the highest Shakira, love what you are doing to help. Sad the other lady has decided being a madam is caring. Wonder how long that lasts when she’s not getting enough of their money? Not long I imagine.

Women's T-shirt front

Arborist Just Drop It Shirt

Having A Weird Mom Builds Character Shirt

He’s Not Just My Grandson He’s Also My Favorite Baseball Player Shirt

Hippie Soul Shirt

I Asked God For Strength And Courage He Sent My German Wife Shirt

I Love Playing Dumb It Allows Me To See People’s True Intentions Shirt

If You Keep A Beer In Each Hand You Can’t Touch Your Face Stop Covid 19 Shirt

Motocross You Make My Heart Go Braaap Shirt

Never Underestimate An Old Man With A Side By Side Shirt

Nobody Needs An Ar15 Nobody Needs A Whiny Little Bitch Either Yet Here You Are Shirt

Retired Electrician Fix It Yourself Shirt

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Justice XI Shirt

Skull Stuck Between IDK IDC And Idgaf Shirt

Sorry I Missed Your Call I Was Driving The Wee Woo Truck Shirt

That’s What I Do I Pet Cats Play Guitars And I Know Things Vintage Shirt

Black Cat That’s What I Do I Lift Weights I Hate People And I Know Things Shirt

Boomers Finally Die Shirt

Dogs And Baseball Make Me Happy Humans Make My Head Hurt Shirt

She’s A Good Girl Loves Jesus Loves Her Dog And America Too Shirt

Things I Do In My Spare Time Play With Rabbit Watch Rabbit Videos Research On Rabbit Shirt

Women Firefighter Wife Life Shirt

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