Top shirt from moteefe 2021/01/07

Now his life’s in tatters because of this nonsense. Thank god that the missus has been given settled status. The worry that clouded everything since this all started in 2016 has now gone. I know someone who has lived in France for 30 years, speaks the language fluently and was denied citizenship for exactly the same reason. Still pays all his taxes and social security fees though. Everyone has to die of something. Always being told to enjoy myself while alive. If you enjoy smoking, do it. Carry on.

Women's T-shirt front

Butterfly The Hardest Thing I Ever Had To Do Was To Let You Go Shirt

Corona Virus Ruined My Cruising Season Vintage Shirt

I Like Tattoos And Plants And Maybe 3 People Shirt

I Survived 2020 And All I Got Was This Stupid Shirt

I’m A Book Reader That Means I Live In A Crazy Fantasy World With Unrealistic Expectations Thank You For Understanding Shirt

Never Underestimate An Old Woman Who Loves Giraffes Shirt

Stop The Pandemic Shirt

Will Dance For Race Car Parts Shirt

Yes I Am Diabetic Yes I Have Texted Yes I Know That Is Candy Yes I Can Eat It Yes I Even Tool A Shot Back Off Shirt

A Woman Cannot Survive On Wine Alone She Also Needs Golf Shirt

God Over Everything Shirt

Hey You Put On A Mask I’ve Lost Everything I Can’t Even Pay Rent This Is The End Shirt

I Like Dogs And Rugby And Maybe 3 People Vintage Shirt

I Might Look Like I’m Listening To You But In My Head I’m Skiing Shirt

It’s Not Dog Hair It’s Boxer Glitter Shirt

Parrots Lemon Avocado Banana Mango Shirt

Sans Vanessa Le Monde Serait Bien Triste Shirt

Sorry I’m Late My Dogs Were Laying On Me Shirt

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