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We all have our own standards and biases that we feel are acceptable to ourselves and others. But why do we feel so pressured about looks and body image? I feel like they’re tiptoeing around the greater issue here. The thing is that fit and aesthetically pleasing men will always largely be what the majority of the community will want. As men, we are much more attracted to the visual. If someone loves you just for a six-pack or the size of your Biceps or just how you look then they are shallow and they have no idea of the real you inside, On the other hand, I’ve known people who are so good looking that all they love is themselves, My advice to anyone is never go by looks alone get to know the real person inside and never judge a book by its cover.

Women's T-shirt front

Ackerdemiker Bachelor Of Harte Arbeit Shirt

Dear Santa I Really Did Try To Be Good But I Take After My Mom Shirt

Santa Black Cat Christmas Shirt

Skeleton I Don’t Always Play Electric Guitar Sometimes I Eat And Sleep And Once I Even Left My Room Shirt

Tacos Ugly Christmas Sweater

Touch My Bike And Your First Boxing Lesson Is Free Shirt

Unicorn In A World Full Of Daddy Sharks Be A Daddycorn Vintage Shirt

Viking Deck The Halls With Skulls And Bodies Ugly Christmas Sweater

You Can’t Scare Me I Have A Crazy Sister Shirt

Baby’s Erstes Weihnachtsfest Noch Im Inneren Shirt

Crocin’ Around The Christmas Tree Sweater

Did You Want To Talk To The Nurse In Charge Or The CNA Who Knows What’s Going On Shirt

Fitness Assuming I’m Just An Old Lady Was Your First Mistake Shirt

Fuck Peas Beans Make My Day Shirt

Gnome Glogg Tester Reporting For Duty Shirt

I Stand With President Trump Shirt

Jolliest Bunch Of LPNS This Side Of The Nuthouse Shirt

Nana’s Sweethearts Shirt

Pontoon Captain Like A Regular Captain Only More Drunker Vintage Shirt

This Job Thing Sure Is Messing Up My Camping Career Shirt

Warning I May Start Talking About Jesus Any Time Shirt

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