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At first, I thought it was rooted in the attempt to be validated or accepted because gay folks used to portray an image of inferiority and being undesirable. So if you look fit and perfectly attractive in the eyes, you can be seen differently. Reduce a human to a bundle of atoms and nothing more, then you cannot help but treasure only his or her looks. However, I guess, this was twisted into an entirely different notion and now gay men have overlooked the purpose and got more focused on looking attractive to be accepted. I have seen this with some gay people I know – they literally grade people, men or women, on how fit they are.

Women's T-shirt front

Alaska Is Calling And I Must Go Shirt

British Shorthair Snow Scarf Christmas Shirt

Cells Of The Immune System Shirt

Gnomes Fröhliche Weihnachten Christmas Shirt

He Stole My Heart So I Am Stealing His Last Name I Can’t Wait To Be Called Shirt

Horse And Into The Barn I Go To Lose My Mind And Find My Soul Shirt

I Am Constantly Torn Between I Can’t Let Ms Run My Life And I Have To Listen To My Body And Rest Shirt

I’m The Psychotic Bearded Beast Everyone Warned You About Shirt

I’m Vegan Very Enthusiastically Grilling Animals Shirt

In A World Full Of Kardashians Be A Phoebe Shirt

Messy Bun Coffee Run Gangsta Rap Get It Done Shirt

Once You Put My Meat In Your Mouth You’re Going To Want To Swallow Shirt

Pete Have You Thought About My Bhunas Christmas Shirt

Retired Respiratory Therapist Just Like A Regular Respiratory Therapist Only Way Happier Shirt

Skip The Turkey Eat Pierogi Shirt

Women In Science Curies Carson Hopper Franklin Mayer Shirt

Any Man Can Be A Father But It’s Takes Someone Special To Be A Black Cat Dad Shirt

Black Cat Kaffee Redet Nicht Kaffee Jammert Nicht Kaffee Macht Einfach Seinen Job Ich Mag Kaffee Shirt

Bryson And Balto Love Is Love Shirt

Eagle To My Dear Son In Law I Didn’t Give You The Gift Of Life I Gave You My Gorgeous Daughter Shirt

I’m Fine Everything Is Fine I’m Fine This Is Fine Shirt

Meowy Christmas Mother Fluffer Shirt

Owl Kaffee Redet Nicht Kaffee Jammert Nicht Kaffee Macht Einfach Seinen Job Ich Mag Kaffee Shirt

Pontoon Captain Like A Regular Captain Only More Drunker Shirt

Poppy Professional Grandchild Spoiler Family Historian Like A Dad With Less Rules Shirt

Rabbit Be Strong When You Are Weak Be Brave When You Are Scared Be Humble When You Are Victorious Be Badass Everyday Shirt

Santa’s Favorite Waitress Christmas Shirt

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