Top shirt from moteefe 2020/10/24

You could smoke all your life and never be greatly affected. You could smoke just throughout your teens and still end up with cancer. It’s luck of the draw I’m afraid. When I was in hospital in the summer, a doctor told me that the lungs don’t get better after you stop smoking. I have become very skeptical of various scientific revelations. It is indeed magical, but in the sense that we are wonderfully made. Stop meddling. It’s like proving to your landlord that you won’t have problems paying rent by showing that your income is at least three times the amount of rent due. If you don’t have the money, maybe you just shouldn’t do it.

Women's T-shirt front

American Flag Butterflies Shirt

American Flag Cats Shirt

Be Kind To Everyone Christmas Shirt

Best Golden Retriever Dad Ever Vintage Shirt

Don’t Mess With Grandmasaurus You’ll Get Jurasskicked Shirt

First We Steal Your Heart Then We Steal Your Bed And Sofa My Chihuahua Shirt

Genuine Antique Wrestler The Older I Get The Better I Was Shirt

I’m A Proud Mother In Law Of A Freaking Awesome Son In Law Yes He Bought Me This Shirt

I’m Not A Regular Tia I’m A Cool Tia Shirt

Just A Girl Who Loves Wolves Shirt

Make America Great Again Impeach Trump American Flag Shirt

Mc1r Only For The Chosen Ones Shirt

Penguins Oh It’s A Jolly Holiday Christmas Shirt

Shoes Line Dance Christmas Tree Shirt

What Goes Around Comes Around Shirt

Any Woman Can Be A Mother But It Takes Someone Special To Be A Shih Tzu Mom Shirt

Black Cat On The Naughty List And I Regret Nothing Shirt

Cat Books And Pumpkins Shirt

Merry Drunk I’m Christmas Shirt

Official Cats Make Me Happy Humans Make My Head Hurt Shirt

Owl Book Nerds Don’t Get Old They Become Rare First Editions Shirt

Raccoon To Me You Are Trash Shirt

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