Top shirt from moteefe 2020/10/17

Why are we always avoiding the issue, it not the plant that’s the problem it’s the oil being used to get it to you, find an alternative to oil, problem solved. Cacti are becoming endangered in some areas because people are stealing them from the wild displays then selling them on. Monty Don spoke about it in his programme from America, shown last weekend. Poor sweet thing. It sounds like he is lonely and loves the company but then I can see where Tesco coming from because of hygiene and that understand as well he a beauty. I’m glad the cat is back from the place he called home. I don’t buy plants, I pick the seeds from the ones The importance of screening for diseases in plants and seeds can not be understated.

Women's T-shirt front

April Birthday 2020 The One Where I’m #quarantined Shirt

Black Cat Buckle Up Buttercup You Just Flipped My Witch Switch Shirt

Every Woman Is A Doll Now Whether It Is Barbie Annabelle Or Boodoo Is A Roll Of The Dice Shirt

I Am Filipino And I Support Our Troops Shirt

I Don’t Always Enjoy Being A Retired Truck Driver Oh Wait Yes I Do Shirt

I Am Your Friend Your Partner Your Tuxedo Cat Shirt

Life Universe Everything 42 Shirt

Remind Me To Take Attendance Shirt

Shih Tzu I Believe There Are Angels Among Us Shirt

Things I Do In My Spare Time Pet Sheeps Look At Sheeps Research Sheeps Shirt

Dinosaur T Rex Rock Paper Scissors Throat Punch I Win Shirt

Giraffe Lanky Bastard Shirt

I Am A Proud Son Of A Crazy Mom If You Mess With Me And They’ll Never Find Your Body Shirt

I Don’t Care What Anyone Thinks Of Me Except Bunnies I Want Bunnies To Like Me Shirt

I Like Elephants And Coffee And Maybe 3 People Shirt

Ich Liebe Es Wenn Mich Meine Frau Zocken Lässt Shirt

I’m A Trump Girl 2020 Shoe Shirt

I’m Still Hot It Just Comes In Flashes Now Shirt

In November We Wear Blue Diabetes Awareness Shirt

Joe Biden Pumpkin Happy Christmas Shirt

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch Edie Bea Benny Bubbs Shirt

Proud Girlfriend Of A Freaking Awesome Firefighter Who Is Sometimes A Jerk And That’s Okay Shirt

Real Human Is Who Love Cats Vintage Shirt

Stop Getting Offended By Profanity I Said Fuck I Didn’t Smack Your Baby Get The Fuck Over It Fuck Shirt

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