Top shirt from moteefe 2020/10/16

I like in my neighborhood a woman just did the cooking, sewing, and collecting, have sons. I can see why they all wanted male heirs but you know a good wife will not only keep a good clean home, make good children, make a great partner that can keep her partner sane, a good wife is a key to a great home their voices. Monkey puzzle trees. Giant redwood. Plants from Tibet. Don’t stop smoking. After all, we all get to die. Drink as much alcohol as your stomach can carry. Do whatever and however, you like. I don’t smoke, never did, and never will. Your body your right. Great news. But I am expecting another study in some two weeks’ time that thrashes this one’s results.

Women's T-shirt front

2021 The First Rule Of 2021 Is You Don’t Talk About 2020 Shirt

Christmas Never Underestimate An Old Woman With A Chihuahua Shirt

Drill It Till It Squirts Shirt

Truck You Gotta Get It Up If You Wanna Get It Off Shirt

Elephant Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

Ferret Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

LGBT Native Soul Shirt

Our Final Chapter Seniors Season 20 Episode 21 Shirt

Poppy Like A Regular Grandpa But Cooler Shirt

Rabbit Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

Sammy Love Heals Shirt

Sorry Can’t Riding Horses Bye Shirt

December Woman The Soul Of A Witch The Fire Of A Lioness The Heart Of A Hippie The Mouth Of A Sailor Shirt

Horse Breed Of Horses Heart Shirt

I Like Dachshunds And Coffee And Maybe 3 People Shirt

I Try To Be Good But I Take After My Grandma Shirt

January Woman The Soul Of A Witch The Fire Of A Lioness The Heart Of A Hippie The Mouth Of A Sailor Shirt

Proud Wife Of A Freaking Awesome Farmer Who Is Sometimes A Jerk And That’s Okay Shirt

If You Tell A German Woman Not To Do Something She’ll Do It Twice And Take Pictures Shirt

May Birthday 2020 The One Where I Celebrate My Birthday In Quarantine Shirt

She’s A Wild Child Got A Rebel Soul With A Whole Lot Of Gypsy Wild Style Shirt

Yeah I’ve Got OCD Old Cranky And Dangerous Shirt

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