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I don’t know how old this report is. I stopped last February having been diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer for me it was easy to stop or die. I’ve had chemotherapy and radiotherapy it seems to have got rid of cancer. All this time my wife’s daughter and stepdaughter still carried on smoking. Please people stop. Seriously you are constantly encouraging almost blackmailing people into a vegetarian or vegan diet creating a massive carbon footprint transporting food from all over the globe, rather than eating homegrown sustainable meat and then talk about house plants. Cannot even begin to think of what these people are going to go through again and the wildlife my god heartbreaking again for you all.

Women's T-shirt front

2020 First Christmas With My Hot New Husband Ugly Shirt

2020 First Christmas With My Hot New Wife Ugly Shirt

Airplane Basic Instruments Shirt

West Highland White Terrier Wait What I Have An Attitude No Really Who Knew Shirt

Algebra Dance Shirt

Covid 19 Have I Not Commanded You Be Strong And Courageous Shirt

Fact Checkers Didn’t Exist Until The Truth Started To Get Out Shirt

I Just Want To Watch Musicals And Ignore All My Adult Problems Shirt

Oh The Virus Outside Is Frightful But This Yarn Is So Delightful And Since We’ve No Place To Go Another Row Shirt

Trump boxing Washington DC November 3RD 2020 Shirt

Jam Your Friend Your Partner Your Jack Russell Terrier Shirt

Therapy Is Nice But Screaming Fuck At The Top Of Your Lungs For 10 Seconds Is A Lot Faster And Cheaper Shirt

Everything Will Be Just Fine As Long As There Are Cairn Terriers And Wine Shirt

Everything Will Be Just Fine As Long As There Are Great Pyrenees And Wine Shirt

Hipper Girl Assuming I’m Just An Old Lady Was Your First Mistare Shirt

January Girl I’m Not Old I’m Vintage Shirt

November Woman The Soul Of A Witch The Fire Of A Lioness The Heart Of A Hippie The Mouth Of A Sailor Shirt

Pumpkin I Love Black Cat Shirt

Rooster Touch My Gin I Will Peck You So Hard Even Google Won’t Be Able To Find You Shirt

The Little Voices In My Head Keep Telling Me Get More Cows Shirt

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