Top shirt from moteefe 2021/01/06

To add insult to injury only Apple-branded cables will work with your iPhone or else you get a pop-up stating this accessory is not designed for this device even though it is charging and working. Samsung is a lot better than Apple. After so many years with Apple after I bought my first tablet with Samsung only then, I realized what a waste of money I did with Apple for years, and their products are not meant to last intentionally. Apple out. The thing is that fit and aesthetically pleasing men will always largely be what the majority of the community will want.

Women's T-shirt front

Behind Every Crazy Buker Is An Even Crazier Old Lady Who Is Enjoying The Ride Shirt

Behind Every Farm Girl Who Believes In Herself Is A Farmer Dad Who Believed In Her First Shirt

Cat Geh Mir Aus Dem Weg Du Unnötiger Sozialkontakt Shirt

Clown World Shirt

Easily Distracted By Cats And Books Shirt

Hockey All The Gear No Idea Shirt

I Am A Veteran Like My Father Before Me Shirt

I May Be Retired But I Am Always A Trucker Shirt

I Walked The Walk In Combat Boots And Dogtags Shirt

Mother Daughter Sunflower Shirt

Syringe Vaccines My Body My Choice Shirt

Yes My Dark Little Heart Skips A Happy Beat When I See Karma Catch Up To Somebody Who Deserves It Shirt

Ce Que Je Fais Pendant Mon Temps Libre Faire De La Couture Regarder Des Videos De Couture Shirt

Do Not Judge You Don’t Know What Storm I’ve Asked Her To Walk Through God Breast Cancer Awareness Shirt

I Get My Attitude From My Freakin’ Awesome Mom She’s A Bit Crazy And Scares Me Sometimes Shirt

I Hide My Tears When I Say Your Name But The Pain In My Heart Shirt

January Girl 2021 The One Where I Celebrate My Birthday In Quarantine Shirt

Sore Today Stronger Tomorrow Shirt

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