Top shirt from jeepworpes 2020/10/14

super spreader. This is why people don’t take you seriously! You promote the downplaying of the virus as much as trump doesNah its obviously a strategy get everyone of his supporters sick to hopefully spread the virus to everyone even though only his supporters aren’t doing basic safety measuresOut of touch, elitist sociopath. Nancy is fried and needs to go. If there’s no deal done before the election, I won’t be voting. What’s the point? Congress showing they don’t care about struggling Americans.WHO no longer supports lockdowns anymore. So now what? Would Democrats change the policies? My state (CA) is not in a good shape. Many cities are facing serious financial impactWolf, not sugar coating this I cannot STAND CNN ( non stop lies to our nation ) but please understand HOW PROUD OF YOU I AM for pressing Pelosi today regarding the Stimulus!! SO many Americans NEED this money!! this is TWICE the amount of the Obama package!! she is single handedly killing Americans!! She is a narcissistic communist!!! from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SIR, It really means a lot to us Americans!!Why I broke up with Nancy Pelosi I have defended, argued on your behalf for many years, but today i

People Keep Telling Me The Right Person Will Come Along Shirt

2020 First Christmas With My Hot New Fiance Shirt

Sometimes Cuddling With My Chihuahua Is The Only Cure For A Bad Day Shirt

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say Chale Shirt

Snowmobile Mom Like Normal Mom Only Cooler Shirt

Rescuing Dogs Is Like The Mafia Once You’re In There’s No Getting Out Shirt

I Like Horses And Dogs And Maybe 3 People Shirt

Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl Who Really Loved Cats And Wine And Said Fuck A Lot Shirt

Dragon Touch My Books I Will Slap You So Hard Even Google Won’t Be Able To Find You Shirt

Green Duct Tape Can’t Fix Stupid But It Can Muffle The Sound Shirt

Among Us Being Very Sus Doing Sus Things Shirt

We Need A Native American President To Restore The Natural Order Of Ufe Shirt

Star Wars Boba Fett Darth Vader And Stormtrooper Chibi Christmas Shirt

Republican And Democratic Same Shit Different Animals Shirt

Skull Say When Shirt

Owls Pumpkin Sunflower Halloween Shirt

Mickey Disney Harry Potter Shirt

Lungs Trick Or Transplant Shirt

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Liftmas Ugly Christmas Shirt

In Order To Be A Smartass You Must First Be Smart Otherwise You’re Just An Ass Shirt

I’m Not Crazy My Mother Had Me Tested Shirt

I’m Going To Need Something Stronger Than Coffee To Listen To Your Bullshit Shirt

I Fear Nothing I Married A Redhead Shirt

I Don’t Always Break Out Into Show Tunes Oh Wait Yes I Do Shirt

Eddie Van Halen 1955 2020 Thank For The Memories Signature Shirt

Chandler I Make Jokes When I’m Uncomfortable Shirt

Caring For Your Demon Cat Shirt

Cabrona Extra Mas Cabrona Que Bonita Shirt

Bowling Merry Christmas Shirt

Be My Voice Mako Shirt

Bad Things Happen In Philadelphia Shirt

Bad Good Awesome Even Better Yay Hang On Wtf Shirt

Baby Yoda No One Fights Alone Shirt

2020 First Christmas With My Hot New Fiance Shirt

92 % Of Studies Found That Sitting On A Beard For 20 Minutes A Day Is Fucking Fabulous Shirt































































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