Top shirt from ueltee 2019/11/20

Stop Your fake news about the Sri Lankan Tamil genocide. Your material is encouraging hatred! I was always shocked when I moved down to Huntingdonshire the recycling was and still is, excellent. I can put virtually everything sorted obviously in my different bins, yet when I returned to York they only recyclables were newspapers and glass. I felt really uncomfortable having to out recyclable plastic and food waste into general waste. I believe it’s a bit better now, but nowhere near my local recycling levels. Personally, I’d rather have clean water to drink and clear air, so I’m fine with recycling. Yet I get called a tree hugger. so yeah, I am. Love nature, and since we are all stuck living here what’s wrong with doing what we can to make it a nicer place? What annoys me is supermarkets don’t offer a paper bag alternative. There are times we all forget our reusable bags, and I’d still be happy to pay for the paper bag, I just don’t want the plastic ones anymore.