Top shirt from ueltee 2019/11/04

Don’t even get me started on hot yoga and goat yoga. Awesome entertainment not so good on the focus part. Learned the hard way. I’m in PT now for hip impingement. Had to modify my yoga practice. My doc basically said the same thing as this article. How coincidental this came up at the same time I’m dealing with it. There is definitely a possibility that too much repetition of extreme positions could cause damage to some people! All bodies vary, so not everyone can do the exact positions the same. An interesting article! My mom’s yoga instructor is over 80 years old and is extremely physically fit. Maybe these instructors in the West haven’t been trained properly. Yoga is not a hippie workout. It takes practice. It’s not something that can be learned and taught in a few months. That’s because they don’t understand the whole concept of yoga. I began yoga in my 20’s, I am now in my 60’s.