Top shirt from ueltee 2019/11/02

Look no farther than your own faces in the mirror. She is a girl having an opinion, whether it is right or wrong, it’s the media doing the rest of the beat-up, she just wanted to be heard. Damed if she doses, if she doesn’t. Give the girl a break and get off her case, at least she had the courage and gave it her all. Whatever you do people will always judge you! So girl keep doing the best you always do! Ignore the negative minds!! Sending you lots of love and wishes!! You’ve won the award since the beginning! It is wrong what you said in the article. She was not the favorite to win the Nobel prize. I am so glad the Committee did not make a stupid decision because she does not deserve it. She has done nothing except drama acting. She is a drama queen in my opinion. And here we go again. Adults slating a 16-year-old. If she had have taken the award that would have been wrong, she didn’t, that was wrong.