Top shirt from teejeep 2020/7/29

African Americans morn George Floyeds death. Looting shops, Arson, robbing innocent Middle Eastern immigrants shops, stealing 8K TV’s, Rolex watches and what they fancy. Not only Americans, but entire world is watching how African W.the law. But that is not the truth with his administration.without law and order there is anarchy. we will fall as a nation. The world is watching. Will we be strong and bring order or a weak countryin. It breaks my heart to see store owners crying over their businesses that they worked all their lives for. Please stop protesting!!! We get it. Don’t make it easy for looters to destroy neighborhoods. If protesters stop so will the mayhem. Anyone left out there on the street will be spotted as up to no go. Do it for your neighbors and neighborhood stores. We are destroying ourselves!!!!What about the poor victims who lost there lively hoods or got beat why dont you focus on that. you focus on Trump going to the bunker, it’s the secret service whocontinually attack our President even with Covid19, makes that call not Trump,guess what all