Top shirt from teefeeshirt 2020/03/29

If you stop going to Starbucks and taco bell then you could afford a house. We have the wrong leader at the wrong place, at the wrong time, incompetent, science-denier, virus-denier. This is his legacy. Trump rallying to his base, telling them that this coronavirus COVID-19 is a Democrat hoax, that Democrats made this a political issue. So it’s unclear whether this is actually an accelerated combined Phase I; II trial. To anyone saying that was fast: One of the H1N1 vaccines caused narcolepsy. The CDC has information on that. There is no proof this vaccine works or is safe. In Marseille France, a doctor try a treatment on 25 persons and it seemed they are well, I hope it will a success..they try in another hospital on more people excuse my English god bless America Europe Asia and all the countries stay home.