Top shirt from royalteeshirt 2019/11/18

I still have a floral and clear grocery bag from the 60s. Its bags are the problem. Please, correct your video. Otherwise, it can be dismissed as misinformation. It would appear that people have lost respect for their fellow man and woman and for the planet on which we all live. And by definition have no respect for themselves. Do they not teach Respect in schools these days. A quick clip round the ear kept many if not all of my generation on the straight and narrow. Rant over. Save the Trees. Now its reusable cloth totes. but the amount of water resources that go into the production of cotton, linen, etc is just as harmful. We honestly cannot win for losing. So quite simply, we need to reuse and mend things, a bit like we used to do until most of us got a bit lazy and just throw things away when there a little old. Easier said than done though to try and change habits that have been built up overdo many years.