Top shirt from royalhotshirt 2019/12/16

Get a bloody grip to learn to accept the right man got the job & we the UK are leaving the clutches of the EU no ifs or buts it’s happening. Now the rest of the EU can pick up the shortfall in fees that they will be losing once we escape. Oh, & good luck providing new lives for all the economic migrants we will no longer be forced to take. not sure how that’s relevant to anything I’ve said. I disagree with you, but that’s by the by. It’s Your right to think that as well as mine to disagree. Yes, Boris did win, and now it’s time to hold him accountable for the things he promised. I didn’t vote conservative. I didn’t vote for the break down of the UK. I accept the result, I accept we will leave the biggest trading bloc in the world. I will still expect that the government is held to account.