Top shirt from royalhotshirt 2019/12/02

Well done to the rozzers on doing their duty and also to the brave people who wrestled the knife off him if you bothered to check instead of getting all high & mighty about the police actions you will see he had a vest that gave the impression it was a suicide vest, you don’t take a chance you shoot to kill no argument sorry but he had every intention of killing people plus he had a suicide bomb strapped to him. It’s about time the police take everyone out that’s a threat to our country. Well done to the police and the public that restrained him plus his name should never ever be mentioned, don’t give him or his friends the recognition they want. You should be a bloody ashamed of your comment Susannnah Yulee Read Lyle. No one knew if it was a fake bomb or not. The Police weren’t going to take that risk. It was very unfortunate that 2 died and several injured. It could have been a far worst situation.